Investments in physical gold

Become one of our clients who hold their own gold

Advantages of investment in gold  

Gold held value throughout history, not just as a source of welfare, but as a metal that has peculiar qualities and special properties

  • Preserve and accumulate savings thanks to increasing precious metal prices, diversify your capital

  • Receive funds by selling your gold when needed or get same-day financing secured by pledging gold held with the Bank

  • Hedging against inflation, exchange rate changes and numerous other risks that arise with economic instability

How to purchase

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    Gold is sold in bars of standard weights of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 250, 500 or 1000 g. Term of delivery is 5 business days. Minimum transaction amount is 5 kg. (Amounts of 1 kg or more may be purchased if gold is physically available at the Bank) 

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    The gold purchase and sale quotes are updated daily by the Bank based on the current worldwide prices, and depend on the volume of a transaction and the gold denomination. 

  • Please fill in the below form and our gold dealer will get in touch with you to discuss how much your purchase will cost, how long will it take to deliver gold, risks you should consider and required documents.

  • Gold will be delivered to the Bank and placed inside its vault. If you wish to retrieve the physical gold, please file a Gold Issue Order.


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    Please note that the gold purchase, sale and storage service is not covered by any deposit guarantee (in accordance with the Deposit Guarantee Law of the Republic of Latvia) or investor protection (in accordance with the Investor Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia).

  • Market risk – the likelihood that the value of gold will change as a result of global gold and foreign exchange market movements. With transportation of physical gold, you should account for risks and potential expenses applicable to the transportation process.

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