Our goal is ensuring long-term growth for our clients’ business

BluOr Bank – ranked as a Systemically Important Bank in Latvia

Founded by business people for business people

BluOr Bank was founded in 2001 by four Latvian entrepreneurs , a group who together combined a vast range of business experience. Having worked for many years in international trade, logistics and cargo shipping, they launched a banking company that would meet the needs of other gifted and enthusiastic entrepreneurs — business owners just like themselves.

BluOr Bank was built on a successful partnership, and our first clients were the founders’ own business partners. In the course of our growth — from payments to offering loans and investments — we have made it our goal to offer a service with more added value than any other. This philosophy also remains a central focus for everyone working on the BluOr team today. 

Business banking made better 

BluOr Bank is a business built on personal rapport — we know every customer by sight. We are on the endless mission of improving our business solutions and making business banking better — better for you. For us, it’s not just about growth, superior technologies and our clients’ success stories but also about how we can be more at your service.

Keep moving forward

The story of BluOr Bank is one of growth and development. Since we specialize in business loans, we know how to make the most out of every loan for the mutual benefit of our clients and our bank. A growing business needs support — and this is exactly what we provide.

Today, our clients choose us for our:

 Unprecedentedly quick response — it only takes us 24 hours to evaluate your loan application and make an indicative offer.

 Our profound knowledge of the local business environment — we have established successful partnerships with a vast array of companies in every business sector.

BluOr Bank is the bank of choice for

  • Manufacturers

  • Traders

  • Port terminals and logistics companies

  • Developers

  • Hotels, restaurants and other industries

Exploring new territories

We began as a banking enterprise working with businesses in the Baltic States. We now offer our services to clients all over Europe.

Up-to-date banking

We offer online banking, up-to-date trading platforms and an easy-to-use app. Opening a business account will take you 24 hours, and it will only take us 48 hours to review your loan application and make an indicative offer.

Online or in person

We enjoy working with businesses and business owners alike. Seeing our customers in person is always a pleasure but we are also happy to provide banking services remotely.

Relationships that upscale your business

We help businesses in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia grow and become more viable. Our clients don’t just choose BluOr Bank products and services — they choose us as their bank partner. Because we know that your business deserves more than a standardized banking application.