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Up to EUR 25 million investment loans for the purchase of new equipment, property or for implementing new technologies

  • An opportunity for your business’s rapid development

  • Purchasing your own business premises opens new opportunities 

  • Current debt refinancing solutions 

  • Individual loan repayment plans and other terms

  • Financing for export operations and factoring

Special financing program for SMEs 

  • Starting with EUR 100 000 

  • Applying for ALTUM guarantees

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Loans for development and renovation

• Funding for the purchase and renovation of real estate

• Acquisition of fixed assets, equipment modernization

• Refinancing of your current liabilities

Credit lines and overdrafts

• Working capital financing

• Additional resources for export expansion

• Money available in your corporate account — at all times

Collateral for your business’s obligations

• To third parties

• For taking part in tenders

• For securing an advance payment


• Leave the handling of your invoices to us and watch your cashflow improve

• Invoice payments will be credited to your account within 24 hours

• A useful tool to expand your market and client base

We work to accelerate your business

CLT Profi

BluOr Bank supports business development of the exporter of solid wood panels – CLT Profi.

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BluOr Bank supports the construction and development of a new production plant of a company “iCotton” in Liepaja.

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With BluOr Bank’s financing in the amount of EUR 2.14 million, the construction of Europe’s largest Subaru car centre has begun in Ulmaņa gatve.

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Rūdolfs Lat Eko Food

SIA Lat Eko Food, whose most well-known trademark on the Latvian market is the brand “Rūdolfs”, has attracted EUR 7.4 million financing from BluOr Bank.

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