By donating blood BlueOrange employees perform two good deeds 

Continuing the tradition established last year, in collaboration with the State Blood Donor Centre, on 27 February the second Blood Donation Day took place at BlueOrange. Over the course of just a few hours, 18 BlueOrange employees donated blood, and for several of them – this was the first time.

It must be noted that there were many more volunteers, however, due to decreased immunity in winter, the State Blood Donor Centre representatives were unfortunately forced to refuse many potential donors.

The BlueOrange employees, who donated blood, also performed another good deed – they transferred the state compensation intended for restoring blood lost to the Bank’s charity fund projects, even increasing the donated amount several times.

The organisers of Blood Donation Day are satisfied with the results and plan on holding similar events in future.

The State Blood Donor Centre thanked the donors at BlueOrange, the Bank is proud of the donating culture of its staff and plans on holding such donor days regularly in future as well.