"Arbo Windows" Becomes the Largest Window Manufacturer in the Baltics

February 26, 2024

The largest wooden window manufacturer in Latvia, "Arbo Windows," has acquired the leading wooden window manufacturing company in Lithuania, "Arlanga Wood." Thanks to financing from BluOr Bank and the financial institution Altum, the merged company becomes the largest wooden window and door manufacturing entity in the Baltic states, providing a wider range of high-quality wooden windows and doors to customers in the Nordic countries and Western Europe.

The sales volume of the merged company will exceed 20 million euros per year, employing more than 230 people across two manufacturing plants in Ventspils and Vilnius. The company's largest markets are Sweden, Norway, Denmark, the United Kingdom, and France.

"I am proud to say that the merger has resulted in the leading wooden window manufacturer in the Baltics. 'Arlanga Wood' is one of the few companies with such a reputation and internal company culture that is entirely focused on quality assurance and excellent service. This has been and remains the main priority for 'Arbo Windows.' I am grateful to Arūnas Mažonis for creating and developing a wonderful company with a strong corporate culture and values that fully match what I believe in business," comments Jānis Lasmanis, the chairman of the board of "Arbo Windows."

"Arlanga Wood" will also continue to operate under the "Arlanga Wood" brand, while Arūnas Mažonis in Lithuania will continue to lead the companies "Arlanga alu" and "Arlanga pvc," which manufacture aluminum and PVC windows. "Arbo Windows" plans to continue the company's growth, including exploring new acquisition opportunities that strategically match the company's development goals.

About "Arbo Windows" and "Arlanga Wood"

"Arbo Windows" is a manufacturer of high-quality wooden windows and doors in Latvia, serving clients in Sweden, the United Kingdom, France, Japan, and the USA. The company was established in 2014.
"Arlanga Wood" is a wooden window and door manufacturer in Lithuania with more than 30 years of history, serving clients in Norway, Denmark, and Iceland.

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