Blue KEY

Online banking authentication on your device

An advanced solution for online banking users that replaces code calculators. Blue KEY is built into your BluOr Bank app, providing an easy way to confirm transactions whenever you use online banking on your desktop or smartphone.

Why Blue KEY?

Mobile Digipass for Blueorange clients

Confirming transactions via an internet banking website or app is now much easier, faster and safer.

  • Authenticate upon login to confirm your transactions 

  • Use the same app for authentication and internet banking

  • Works on both iOS and Android devices  

  • Order Blue KEY for personal use and for working with your company’s internet bank

  • Authenticate with touch ID/fingerprint, face ID or password — whichever suits you best  

  • Sign documents and messages in your online banking website or app via push notifications on your device.

How to get Blue KEY

Install the BluOr Bank app

If you’re already a BluOr Bank client, grab the mobile Digipass for your smartphone:

- iOS app on Apple’s App Store

- Android app on Google Play

Fill in the application form

To receive our authentication key, fill in the application form and send it to You can also send the application via your online BluOr Bank or by using the form below.

Application for receiving an authentication tool

Receive instructions

All the instructions on the installation and activation of your Blue KEY will be delivered to the email address provided by you.

For the owners of our Digipass code calculator, the fee for installing Blue KEY is only EUR 25.