BlueOrange ATM is now available in Daugavpils

September 01, 2021

On Tuesday, 31 August, a BlueOrange ATM with a contactless cash-in/cash-out function was installed in Daugavpils. The new ATM is located in the central square of the large shopping and entertainment centre “Ditton” (known as DITTON NAMS) at Cietokšņa iela 60.

“To install a BlueOrange ATM at DITTON NAMS, the largest shopping mall in Daugavpils and all of Latgale, was a justified necessity. This summer, we actively cooperated in the field of POS services, providing merchants at DITTON NAMS with the opportunity to offer their customers to pay also with a payment card. This, of course, not only increases the turnover, but also significantly improves customer satisfaction,” notes Einārs Stavro, Head of BlueOrange E-Commerce Sales. “We are happy to be partners with the “Ditton” centre, which is committed to becoming the most modern and convenient shopping venue for its customers and partners,” adds Einārs Stavro.