BluOr Bank increases its term deposit rates

December 15, 2022

BluOr Bank offers an opportunity to deposit your savings on particularly favourable terms: deposit rates have been increased up to 3.33%, depending on the term of a deposit.

“You can easily make a deposit without leaving your home or changing your bank. This means you can place a deposit remotely and without opening a current account, even if you are not a client of BluOr Bank,” notes Dmitry Feldman, Head of Corporate Clients Department. “In today’s fast-paced world, no one wants to spend a lot of time filling out paperwork for banking services. Time is money, and we, BluOr Bank, offer the easiest and fastest way to make your money work for you,” Feldman adds.

The offer is valid for individuals and companies, interest on deposit is paid at the end of the period. The minimum deposit amount for Latvian clients is EUR 500, for EU and international clients – EUR 1,000. All deposits are covered by a state guarantee of up to EUR 100,000.
Detailed information on deposit terms and options is available on BluOr Bank’s website.