Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the answers to frequently asked questions from our customers.


Term deposit is when you put money for a fixed term in a separate account and receive guaranteed returns with a fixed interest rate.

For domestic clients — minimum deposit of EUR 500, for EU and international clients — minimum deposit of EUR 1,000.

Bank clients can place a deposit in person at the Client Service Centre or online via the Internet Bank.

The personal income tax is automatically withheld in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia; for more details, see here

In accordance with the Deposit Guarantee Law, any client of Latvia's banks and credit unions, either natural persons or legal entities, is guaranteed the disbursement of compensation for any type of deposits in all currencies in amount of up to 100 000 euro in each bank or credit union (in total for all accounts, in case of several accounts with the same bank). The state-guaranteed amount refers to deposits, current account balances, wage accounts, savings accounts, etc.

The Deposit Guarantee Fund of Latvia was established and has been operating based on the Deposit Guarantee Law. For more details see here