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The success you’ve achieved in your life has not just been by chance. You’ve spent a lot of time pushing the limits, working long hours and making sacrifices to exceed expectations and get to where you are.

Your wealth is a testament to what you’ve achieved, and our mission is to help you preserve that wealth so you can continue to pursue ambitious life goals.

How you value time and money has likely changed throughout your life, but at the end of the day there’s only one you can’t get more of.

We offer objective, customized wealth management strategies and the highest level of personalized service to help ensure that your investments are in trusting hands and free up more of your ultimate wealth, time.

What We Offer

Any successful venture requires a strong plan and a strong team that can execute. The same holds true for managing your wealth.

The right plan in place that takes into account your unique circumstances – your investment goals, income needs, investment horizon, risk tolerance, liquidity expectations, values and experience with financial markets.

The right partners and managers of your capital - people who can guide you in the investment process and help achieve your unique needs. Professionals who you know are attuned to the markets and who you can trust to manage your capital.

Our team at BluOr Bank is not here to sell you an investment product. We’re here to work with you to determine the best strategy to meet your financial goals and be your partners along the way.

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Who We Are

Our Team

Client portfolios are managed by our team of experienced investment professionals with extensive experience in European and North American financial markets. Our team approach is crucial to identifying and building conviction in what we believe are the best investment options to meet your needs.

Pauls Miklasevics
Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

Pauls is the Chief Investment Officer at BluOr Bank. He is responsible for the day to day decision making and strategic planning for client investment portfolios.

Pauls has 20 years of experience in investment management. He began his career as an institutional equity trader at a boutique mutual fund company in Toronto, Canada, and has spent the past ten years managing investment portfolios for high net worth European clients in Riga, Latvia. Pauls has a BA in Economics from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada, and was recently named one of the ‘’Top 30 Creative People in Business in Latvia” by ‘Kapitāls’ magazine. Pauls is proud to serve on the board of directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia and is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Ronald McDonald House Charities Latvija.

Dmitrijs Brizgalovs
Portfolio Manager

Dmitrijs is a client investment portfolio manager at BluOr Bank. He is responsible for financial market analysis, daily accounting and reporting and assisting with strategic planning.

Dmitrijs joined the BluOr Bank team in 2023. Before that, Dmitrijs worked at the Bank of Latvia where he was a quantitative investment and risk analyst.

He attended the University of Latvia, where he obtained a BSc in International Economic relations and was a Baltic-American Freedom Foundation scholarship recipient.

Dmitrijs played point guard for Latvia’s national basketball team at the 2012 FIBA U18 European Championship.

Expert Insights

  • The way successful investors


    No person that has ever made
    significant returns in financial markets
    or made an impact on the world has
    ever woken up in the morning and said
    “I want to be average”. Life doesn’t
    work that way.


  • Dawn Fitzpatrick - Soros
    Super Team Ace


    In daily life, it is important to bet on
    a good team rather than just on a
    single superstar. Creating an
    environment based on transparency
    that promotes interaction and the
    exchange of ideas is crucial.


  • Latvian Davos – WLEIF


    WLEIF cannot solve all of our challenges
    through one day of discussions, but it
    can continue to build bridges and bring
    Latvians and friends of Latvia around
    the world closer together through the
    power of private initiative and personal


  • AI – killer robots or a massive


    This all sounds very promising! But if you
    are an investor you might be thinking
    how can I invest my capital to benefit
    from this new technology?


  • Money, Influence and the
    True Appeal of Football


    Top level football is the bastion of
    oligarchs, private equity and huge TV
    money, but “Welcome to Wrexham”
    focused on personal journeys and
    football’s emotional impact.


  • Solar power and
    geopolitical thunder


    4 trillion euros.
    That is how much capital will be
    needed in order to achieve Europe’s
    clean energy goals over the next 10
    years according to Goldman Sachs.


  • Innovation is stronger than
    ever, innovation stocks are not


    “We always overestimate the change that
    will occur in the next two years and
    underestimate the change that will occur
    in the next 10.” — Bill Gates


  • The Downsides of Free Money


    Looking back over the past two and a
    half years at the extraordinary post-
    Covid boom in the technology sector
    and its subsequent bust, one question
    comes to mind – was any of it real?


  • Central Bank Limits
    and Opportunities for


    If you see though the obfuscation
    of central bank interest rates
    policy you have a chance to profit.


  • Necessary, but not
    cheap - the reality of
    renewable energy deployment


    140 years ago, the Edison Illuminating
    Company built the world’s first central
    power station and cogeneration plant in
    New York City.


  • How I will encourage my
    daughter to be a successful


    You are now a year old, and I am
    convinced that you are ready to
    shoulder your father's ambitions of
    being one of the finest investors of all


  • Cartels, conflict and potash


    The use of the term 'cartel' is usually
    associated with Columbian or
    Mexican drug lords, but 15 years ago,
    the two richest cartels on earth had
    nothing to do with narcotics.


  • Education is the best
    investment, so why do
    universities invest elsewhere?


    “An investment in education always
    pays the highest returns.”
    – Benjamin Franklin


  • Challenges in the building
    sector in the context of


    Designed by some of the world’s
    best architectural minds to withstand
    any hurricane, the New Choluteca
    Bridge in the Honduras was
    completed in 1998, just in time to be
    put to the test.


  • How global corporates
    are striving for climate


    There is an ever-growing share
    of companies publicly committing
    to achieving climate neutrality
    and sustainable business objectives
    in the foreseeable future.


  • Get Used To Higher Oil Prices


    For the foreseeable future oil will remain
    the lifeblood of the world economy,
    supply will continue to struggle to keep
    up with demand and prices will rise until
    demand is destroyed.


  • Human Capital, Attraction
    and the Exponential Age


    “The empires of the future are the
    empires of the mind”
    Winston Churchill


  • Shifting Undercurrents -
    globalisation to
    regionalisation and the
    impact on investments


    Supply chain disruptions caused by
    the pandemic have caused whiplash
    in almost every corner of the global


  • The Hedgehog and the
    Fox – Investment Edition

    According to Bogle, ‘foxes’ were
    traditional mutual fund managers
    who try to outperform markets by
    engaging in various strategies


Our Values


We value your trust and are committed to providing the best independent solutions for your investment needs.


Unlike other banks, we see asset management as a service, not a product, and work with you to develop and manage an individualized, optimal investment strategy.


We never forget that we are managing YOUR money and do so with the highest level of transparency. There are no hidden fees, just results.

Our Mission

Our primary responsibility is to you. Our business model doesn’t rely on “selling products.” It’s based on providing sound investment advice and a high level of client service. Simply put, when you succeed, we succeed.

Many of our clients hire us not because they can’t make smart investment decisions, but because they don’t have the time to research, they lack objectivity or they’d rather spend their time pursuing other interests.

That’s why it’s our job to understand who you are and match your investment strategy to your short and long-term needs and risk tolerance.

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